Success is work ethic, 6 phrases to inspire respect, and inflation trend

Raz TirboacaRaz Tirboaca
Success is work ethic, 6 phrases to inspire respect, and inflation trend

Success is about HOW you work, not what you do

Whenever I start a new initiative, I begin with setting expectations for myself before diving into it. That’s why I take two days to do these three things:

  1. Dream. I envision what my life will look like in six months—emotional
  2. Plan. I map out the major milestones—logical
  3. Routine. I develop a daily routine that will help me make progress—tactical

I’ve learned that if I’m not doing this exercise, I’m less likely to fully commit and the chances of actually getting things done decrease dramatically. Because achieving success it’s more about your work ethic than the specific tasks you complete.


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👀 Felix Lee shared 6 design metrics to build growth, mostly relevant for B2C products.


👨‍💻 Engineering in a Hybrid World report looks at how the shift to remote work has impacted engineering organizations. Companies in 2022 had a greater percentage of full-stack engineers (median of 43%) compared to 2021 (median of 38%). Conversely, the number of back-end engineers declined from 41% to 36%.

Notably, in-office companies have built teams with 64% of engineers specializing in full-stack, compared to remote-first companies which tend to see a more even distribution.

🫡 6 magic phrases to inspire respect that people with high emotional intelligence use. Much of it comes down to this: people respect people who demonstrate self-respect.


💰 ChatGPT owner OpenAI projects $1 billion in revenue by 2024. More importantly, Microsoft President Brad Smith told Reuters that AI has progressed faster than many predicted, “We’re going to see advances in 2023 that people two years ago would have expected in 2033.”

💫 Big Ideas in Tech for 2023, a16z asked dozens of their partners across the firm to spotlight one big idea that startups in their fields will tackle in 2023. From entertainment franchise games to the precision delivery of medicines, small modular reactors to loads of AI applications, check out 40+ builder-worthy pursuits for the year ahead.

😌 Inflation is down, a slowdown that eases some pressure on households. November prices rose 7.1% compared to the same time last year, a drop from 7.7% in October and a 9.1% peak in June. “Inflation was terrible in 2022, but the outlook for 2023 is much better,” said Bill Adams, chief economist for Comerica Bank. “Supply chains are working better, business inventories are higher, ending most of the shortages that fueled inflation in 2020.”

🧠 Brain-computer interface company Synchron raise a $75M funding round which included investments from Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. In a milestone that could turn sci-fi into fact, Synchron’s Stentrode system was implanted in the trial’s first participant at Mount Sinai West hospital in New York City, kicking off an FDA-authorized study of a device that aims to convert the thoughts of people with paralysis into actions.

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